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Karura Community Sacco
Who we are

Karura community Sacco is a Kenyan non-deposit taking, savings, and credit cooperative society with the primary purpose of improving the social and economic well-being of its members.

We continuously educate and support our members who are in business and aspiring business owners, with entrepreneurial knowledge. We also help our members to own property such as land and houses.

To create an opportunity for members to mobilise savings and access credit facilities for the promotion of their social-economic welfare through prudent management and diversification of products, while recognising and protecting the interests of other stakeholders.

To be the leading SACCO providing the best Savings, Credit, and Investment solutions in Kenya.

  1. Organise, promote the welfare and economic interests of our members.
  2. Provide loans at reasonable interest rates.
  3. Provide new products to promote an economic base of our members.
  4. Provide continuous education on the proper use of credit, reduction of poverty, human dignity, and cooperation programs for our members.
  5. Affiliation to the relevant National Co-operative Credit Union and the Apex Society