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School Fees Loan

┬áThe Karura Community Sacco offers a variety of unique products, including a school fees loan. Parents frequently struggle to pay their children’s school fees on time, which is where the karura community school fees loans can help. To be eligible for the back-to-school loans, you must have been a member of the Sacco for at least three months. You must also have a guarantor and a minimum of 5000 shares.

At a 12 percent P.A. declining balance, the school fees loan is repayable in twelve months (12), equal to one year. Members of the Sacco have access to up to three times the amount they have deposited in the Sacco.

Unlike other loans, the school fees loan is highly accessible and dependable without the constraints and pressure of paying it back promptly. This allows parents to plan for their financial future while also ensuring the future of their children by providing them with a high-quality education. The Karura community Sacco return to school loan is the preferable alternative when seeking a school tuition loan in Kenya.

  • Interest rate is 12% P.A.
  • Period of 12 months

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