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Gitonga Kigo: Empowering Kenyan Communities Through Financial Inclusion

In the heart of Kenya, where communities thrive and businesses flourish, a financial visionary named Gitonga Kigo embarked on a journey to empower individuals, corporations, and groups. His brainchild, the Karura Community SACCO, stands as a testament to his unwavering commitment to uplift local communities through financial inclusion. The SACCO offers a comprehensive suite of...
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Owning Land In Kenya

Land is among the valuable assets that do not depreciate. So, owning a piece of land is a good investment for people intending to build, farm, or create businesses. And while buying land in Kenya may seem pretty straightforward, buyers need to consider a few essential factors that will make the purchasing process smoother. Importance...
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Karura Community Sacco enters into a partnership with Optiven Limited

The official memorandum of understanding between the two entities was done on 5th July 2022 at the Optiven Group head office on Absa Plaza. The event was graced by Mr. George Wachiuri, the CEO at Optiven Group and attended by top management from Karura Community Sacco led by Mr. Gitonga Kigo, the Chief Executive. This...
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Spending & Saving – What You Need To know

Nobody wakes up in the morning and decides to buy a house on that day, nobody wakes up and decides to buy a car, land, or build a house in a day. If it was possible to make such decisions in a day then everyone would have a private jet parked beside a beautiful home....
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Financial Tips for Saving Money

Money has never been enough, but this is never an excuse not to save for the future. It can be quite difficult trying to wade through the waters alone when it comes to saving. However, with the help of a few expert tips, you can invest in your future by making the right choices. If...
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