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Karura Community Sacco is a good option for buying shares and dividends in Kenya. To buy shares in the Sacco, you must have been a registered member for at least three months. To join the Sacco, you must submit a passport-sized photograph, photocopies of your Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) PIN, and identification card (ID), as well as a Ksh. 1000 registration fee and a Ksh. 1000 first deposit. The minimum number of shares to be purchased is 500 Ksh.10  a share for a total of 5000 shillings.

The Karura Community Sacco shares account allows you to purchase shares and receive annual dividends on them. This encourages people to save and prepares them for a rainy day. When the time comes, the shares purchased can be readily transferred or redeemed. Purchase shares in the Karura Community Sacco and begin saving and investing in your future today.

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